Dubbing // Voice over

The 112 Studios is a privileged audiovisual studio, based in Portugal, which its main activity is the dubbing of movies, documentaries and animated series for television, streaming media and video on demand, translation and subtitling, audio production for advertising. We give importance to the overall efficiency, quality and accuracy in meeting deadlines. Our work standards are very high and we are proud ourselves for meeting our clients’ highest quality demands. Our team of collaborators comprises the best narrators, actors and translators in Portugal. Our preferred relationship with these excellent professionals allows us to have very competitive prices and excellent turnarounds, but guaranteeing a precise, efficient and professional service.

We have a history of over 150 series recorded to date, counting more than 5.000 episodes of animated series and live action.

We have the two most widely used tools in the world of audio studio, Steinberg Nuendo and AVID ProTools. Our production pipeline allows the complete integration of the two systems in the same project.