Motion capture

    112 Studios is proud to be the first studio in Portugal capable of delivering a 100% professional work and ready to be used in any main stream project, being cartoon, film, publicity, tele-disc and videogames.

    Technology in the entertainment industry has always been geared towards producing large projects of big companies and brands with large budgets. Most of the tools that are used in animation productions can cost millions. Our goal is to transform the capture of movements into a common tool, making it possible to access even the smallest company. We have achieved this without sacrificing the quality of capture sessions.

    Our motion capture system allows real-time visualization of 3D models through our 12 video capture cameras, allowing the client the complete freedom to choose the action to be captured, making this process much easier and more accurate. Our motion-capture suits make it easier to capture motion nuances quickly and with high data quality, making it impossible to replicate the same result through traditional animation.

Room features:

  • Height: 2,70 m
  • Total useful capture area: 3 m2